At our classes, children develop core Maths and English skills.

Your child’s educational needs are at the heart of what we do. To make sure we deliver the right programme, we meet with the parents to discuss their concerns and then carry out an assessment to understand their child’s strengths and areas that need work. Once we have established your child’s needs, we put together a unique course of action to support your child’s learning and development. Once you are satisfied it’s the best option for both you and your child, attending regular classes at the centre can begin.

Your child will need to complete a short piece of work in each class, which will be marked, returned and discussed with their tutor, who will set a detailed programme of homework to be completed before the next class. It’s what has successfully worked for thousands of students and what we call the FCL way.

Our success is based on three key elements:


Our materials align with the National Curriculum


All our materials are designed in the UK by educational specialists


Franchising attracts great leaders from all walks of life who inspire success
Working together to release your child’s full learning potential

Our classes are not about completing as much as possible, but about progressing through learning a set of principles. Even if progress is slow in any one area, it will be picked up by their tutor and form part of the child’s homework.

As your child is always at the top of our FCL triangle, their learning needs are always put first. These needs are continually assessed by their tutors through constant monitoring of their progress and performance. Tutors are passionate about encouraging each child to overcome learning difficulties. But to be totally successful, they need the full support of parents to ensure homework is done on time. When children, tutors and parents are all pulling together it forms our working together triangle aimed at releasing every child’s full learning potential.

Our English programme has helped thousands – see how we do it.
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